Q&A: Google, Will You Run Penguin Again? We Never Said We Won't Run It Again.

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Yesterday I ran a poll asking if you think Google will run Penguin again, most of you think yes, they will but a nice number think they won't. Truth is, Google has said and implied many times Penguin will run again, specifically the real-time version of Penguin.

But for some reason, there are rumors that Google won't. I didn't make those rumors, although I am sure many blame me for it. :)

John Mueller of Google, while on vacation, responded to those rumors on Twitter saying Google never said they won't run Penguin again.

Here are the tweets:

It is interesting, but typical John style, the question was can you confirm Penguin will run again. John replies that Google never said it won't run again. The language is always fun from John. So he didn't confirm but clearly he thinks it will run again and he has no reason to think otherwise. Although, SEOs do have reason to think otherwise because of the constant delays.

In any event, Penguin should run again, one day, hopefully.

Forum discussion at n Twitter.

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