How Significant Will Google's Mobile Friendly Algorithm Be? Unknown.

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google mobile friendly percentageThe Google Mobile Friendly algorithm is coming soon, ready or not, we all know that. But how "significant" will this be for the mobile search results exactly? We know Google said it will be more visible than Panda or Penguin - they said that yesterday.

But Google won't say exactly how significant. They normally do share that data. With Panda algorithm updates, often they will say it impacted the search results by X percent. Panda algorithm updates have impacted the search queries up to about 13% or so, whereas Penguin was more like 4% max I believe.

So the mobile friendly algorithm should be more than 14% but will that percentage be by only looking at the mobile search results? This is all unknown.

I tried getting it out of Google's Zineb Ait Bahajji after she confirmed saying this at SMX Munich but she only reiterated what she said:

Why not share since they've done so in the past numerous times? Maybe because she does not know the percentage? Maybe because so many webmasters are making their sites mobile-friendly so if the number today is 65%, maybe it will be 55% when the algorithm launches?

We know this algorithm is run in real time so that percentage will change much faster than the slower running Pandas and Penguins. So it is a hard number to give as it will change day to day, hour to hour.

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