Google: Longer Google Algorithm Updates Aren't Necessarily More Intense

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Google's John Mueller said that just because an algorithm update takes longer to roll out, it doesn't make that update more or less intense. The update's length is generally related to internal Google parameters; as we covered before, it is not about how big of an update it is.

This question came up on Twitter from Conor who asked, "I wonder does the length of an update have any bearing on its intensity."

I didn't see John reply, so I highlighted it on Mastodon and John replied there saying "There's no relationship between how the impact of a change is and how long it takes to roll out."

John added that the "differences are primarily Google-internal. Some things can just be switched on (like a finalized UI update), others take time (such as the two current updates)."

I guess the same applies to exercise, you can work out for a long time but it doesn't necessarily make the workout more intense. I was hoping for that type of analogy from John, since he was on an analogy streak but I guess John let me down. :P

Anyway, here are those toots:

Long Google Update Intensity

Danny Sullivan from Google added a note saying, it’s not the the update is longer to rollout. It’s that, as I understand, we tend to pause things during holiday periods. So the rollout pauses, then resumes, and the live time is around the same." This is something we covered earlier.

Forum discussion at Mastodon.

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