Google Fact Check Guidelines Now Disallows Multiple ClaimReview Per Page

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Google Facts Schema

Google has changed the guidelines around the fact check ClaimReview structured data guidelines to no longer allow multiple ClaimReview markups per page. You are now only allowed one ClaimReview element per page going forward.

Google wrote it has "removed guidance about hosting multiple factchecks per page. To be eligible for the single fact check rich result, a page must only have one ClaimReview element."

Here are the new guidelines:

  • To be eligible for the single fact check rich result, a page must only have one ClaimReview element. If you add multiple ClaimReview elements per page, the page won't be eligible for the single fact check rich result.
  • If different reviewers on the page check the same fact, you can include a separate ClaimReview element for each reviewer's analysis. For more information, visit Posting multiple fact checks on a page.
  • The page hosting the ClaimReview element must have at least a brief summary of the fact check and the evaluation, if not the full text.
  • A specific ClaimReview must only be on one page on your site. Do not repeat the same fact check on multiple pages, unless they are variations of the same page (for example, you can post the same ClaimReview on the mobile and desktop versions of a page).
  • If your website aggregates fact-check articles, ensure that all articles match the above criteria and that you provide an open and publicly available list of all fact-check websites you aggregate.

Google specifically removed all references of using multiple versions including the whole section on "posting multiple fact checks on a page." Here is a screenshot of the old version (click to enlarge):

click for full size

So if you use multiple ClaimReview elements on a single webpage, you need to start removing them and only show one per page.

Generally, Google's guidance around structured data is to have one per page per element.

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