Google Knowledge Panels: What They Show, Where They Come From & How To Fix Them

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Danny Sullivan of Google did another one of his explanatory blog posts on the Google blog. This one is on explaining how knowledge panels work in Google Search. In this post he explains what knowledge panels are, what information these panels can show, where they source the information, and how to fix issues with them.

For anyone who reads this site daily, you probably won't learn anything new here.

Knowledge Panels show titles and short summaries of the topic, they can have a longer description, show pictures, key facts and social profile links. They can also include songs, videos, TV shows and rosters and more.

The knowledge panels come from many sources, often Wikipedia but can also come from "hundreds" of other sources across the web. Google can license the data as well, such as for music, sports, TV and others. On the medical side, as you know, Google uses medical providers for that information.

SEOs know that they can use certain structured data to influence these knowledge panels as well.

Google the shows how you can edit a knowledge panel, or request an edit by clicking on the feedback link:

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Or if it is your knowledge panel, you can get verified and control it better.

Oh, and why did Danny show a knowledge panel of Eddie Aikau? That is the big question:

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