Google's Matt Cutts Says DuckDuckGo Maybe Not So Private?

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matt cutts pointing outMatt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, has a history of defending Google and pointing out misconceptions of their competitor, DuckDuckGo, on Hacker News.

He did so when talking about DuckDuckGo & robots.txt directives and he did so when talking about filter bubbles.

Next up, a new one talking about DuckDuckGo's traffic increases due to the NSA privacy concerns. The Hacker News thread has Matt (1) defending Paul Buchheit's slogan of "don't be evil" and then (2) saying he believes he say IP addresses in DuckDuckGo ads.

Matt wrote in the thread:

In the past I believe I've seen search ad links on DDG that included my IP address in the URL.

This is in response to a Bing ad deal DuckDuckGo has.

What is Matt insinuating back at DuckDuckGo? :)

I love this stuff but note, the animated GIF is not meant to mock, I wanted to find an image of Matt pointing something out and decided to go this route.

Forum discussion at Hacker News.

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