Google Coati Algorithm - The Google Update You Never Heard Of

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Google Coati Algorithm Update

At SMX Next yesterday I have the privilege of interviewing Hyung-Jin Kim, the Vice President of Google Search. Hyung-Jin Kim has been working on search quality for the past 20 years and leads up core ranking at Google Search. He mentioned a few times during the interview the animal Coati and I had to ask what he was referring to. I covered this as well at Search Engine Land but I need to make note of it here as well.

Hyung-Jin Kim said Coati is not just another black and white animal, like Panda or Penguin, but is what Panda evolved into. Yes, Google's Panda algorithm update turned into a new update, an updated Panda algorithm, Google internally code-named Coati. I was taken back, you can watch the SMX keynote in playback mode to see my reaction because I have never heard the name Coati before. But he mentioned it a couple of times and I had to ask him what he was referring to.

He told us that yes, Panda was "consumed" into the larger core ranking algorithm as we covered in 2016. But before that, I guess, "Panda has been subsequently replaced by Coati." Coati was a successor to Panda, he said Coati is an update to the Panda algorithm and what Panda evolved into.

I followed up to ask if Coati might be considered what we call these "core updates" but he said no, Panda and Coati are part of the core ranking algorithm but are not specifically a core update algorithm.

I highly recommend you watch the SMX keynote interview that I did with Hyung-Jin Kim of Google. If you don't want to, then read Lily Ray's recap at Search Engine Land.

Again, just to be clear, there is nothing new going on here outside of just some history about Google algorithm updates that we did not know until today. But there is nothing to act on with this history lesson.

Here is some of the reaction from the SEO community around this unknown algorithm:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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