Google: Not Cloaking When Content In NoScript Missing Due To A Blocked Endpoint

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Mike King asked John Mueller of Google an interesting question around issues that come up with the web rendering engine and blocked endpoints with JavaScript rendering issues. Mike asked if it would be considered cloaking if Google does not end us seeing the content in the rendered version because of the blocked endpoint.

John Mueller said on Twitter, no, it would not be considered cloaking.

In fact, Mike is testing it and says the content that is not rendered by Google but shown in the noscript tag is ranking fine for that content.

Here is the conversation, just in case I am misunderstanding something:

Google's support for the noscript tag has changed over the years. At some point it might have been used for image only and then maybe lazy loading but I am not sure now... I guess we need to test all the scenarios?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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