Google AdWords Call Conversion Tracking By Call Length

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Google AdWords Phone CallKim Clinkunbroomer reports getting an email from Google about a new way of reporting on call conversions based on the length of a call.

Starting at the end of this month, Google will let advertisers define and break out the length of calls as a variation to the call conversions. So you can break out calls longer than X seconds or shorter than Y seconds as a way to better define your conversions.

The new changes will give you the following new features:

  • Create conversion names for each of your account conversion actions. For example, you can create a conversion action named "Product 1" for calls longer than 60 seconds and another named "Product 2" for calls longer than 30 seconds. Then just choose which of these conversion actions you’d like to count for any ad group in your account.
  • Apply custom conversion values to each of your conversion actions and edit call length settings in the Conversions page found in the Tools and Analysis menu
  • Apply Target Return on Ad Spend (Target ROAS) bidding strategies to maximize call conversion value

You do not need to do anything but if you wanted to utilize these features, you can in the future.

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