Google Ads "Paid For By Label" On Political Ads

Aug 18, 2021 • 7:41 am | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Google Ads (AdWords)

Google is now placing a label (I think it is new) named "paid for by" on some political ads. This label lets searchers click on it to learn more who is sponsoring the ad and even lets you dive into more details on the advertiser and their spend.

This was spotted by Valentin Pletzer and posted on Twitter and here is that screen shot:

When you click on the "paid for by" it pops up this overlay with the advertiser's details and more links to learn more:

There is also a link to show you the transparency report for this advertiser that will show ad clicks, spend, etc:

I am honestly not sure how new this is but as people tell me, "it is new to me."

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