Google Adds Android Referrer Tracking For Analytics


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Yesterday, Google announced on Google+ that they now support referrer tracking for Android apps. This will give Android app marketers the data on the sources of your app installs.

"Referrer tracking helps you understand the source that led users to install your app, and is used by Google Analytics and other mobile analytics platforms to provide reporting," Google said. If there is no referrer parameter in the URL, Google will assign a default to separate organic installs from deeplinks (i.e. a third party referral to your Play Store listing). In the past, a referrer would only be registered if a parameter was added to the URL the user clicked to arrive at your app’s Play Store listing.

The example given by Google was for organic source installs, the default referrer will now be set as: utm_source=google-play&utm_medium=organic and for deeplinks, the referrer will now be set as: utm_source=(not%20set)&utm_medium=(not%20set).

You can read the full integration document at developers help where it goes through a ton of examples.

I do not see any keyword data here but it is more than what we had a few days ago.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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