Google Knows Of 130 Trillion Pages On The Web - 100 Trillion More In 4 Years

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Google 130 Trillion Pages

Google has updated their How Search Works page changing the number of pages Google has indexed from 30 trillion back in March 2013 to 130 trillion today.

Update from Gary - Google has not indexed all of these 130 trillion pages but knows of them.

Yes, Google seems to have added over 100 trillion pages to their index in less than 4 years.

When Google first announced the How Search Works section, they only had 30 trillion pages on that page. In fact, you can still see the screen shot from their own blog post showing 30 trillion pages. Here is a copy:

click for full size

Now, it reads 130 trillion pages, here is that screen shot:

click for full size

This is funny because back in 2003-2004, Google and Yahoo use to go at it when comparing the sizes of their index. In fact, Yahoo once mocked Google at their own Google Dance for running out of beer, which was a joke about their index size fight. It is a longer story but it was a joke around how Google can have a bigger index but not stock enough beer for SEOs at their own party.

So are we back to index size wars?

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