PubCon Live: Competitors from the Darkside - Rogue SEO Tactics

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click for full sizeBelow is live coverage of the Competitors from the Darkside - Rogue SEO Tactics panel from the PubCon 2011 conference.

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Barry Schwartz: 3:10:32 pm
Starting in 5 minutes or so
Barry Schwartz: 3:10:57 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:14:53 pm
Barry Schwartz: 3:15:12 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:15:31 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:15:52 pm
Here we go - first up is Giovanni Gallucci
Barry Schwartz: 3:16:11 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:16:57 pm
He is going to do the softer stuff, steve will give you harder stuff and Carolyn will give you stuff that will prevent u from sleeping
Barry Schwartz: 3:17:14 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:17:50 pm
He said there is nothing else to learn in SEO so now he is a professional photographer
Barry Schwartz: 3:18:09 pm
He had no business doing professional photographer so he hacked his way in
Barry Schwartz: 3:18:30 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:18:59 pm
He shot a local jaguer dealership photography for them
Barry Schwartz: 3:19:14 pm
How do you fake your way into an industry and be successful at it
Barry Schwartz: 3:19:24 pm
You need to learn what tools you need for which jobd
Barry Schwartz: 3:19:27 pm
Barry Schwartz: 3:20:16 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:21:57 pm
You need to build relationships also
Barry Schwartz: 3:22:21 pm
He went to the band's dad and not to the publicist
Barry Schwartz: 3:23:38 pm
Build a portfolio, get experience. Do stuff for free and for research.
Barry Schwartz: 3:24:12 pm
Make sure to plan
Barry Schwartz: 3:26:04 pm
Yes, he is not talking about rogue SEO tactics, he is talking about rogue career development
Barry Schwartz: 3:26:55 pm
When you do bad things, such as talk at a conference about black hat,
Barry Schwartz: 3:27:24 pm
Fake media badges to get into events, counterfeit badges
Barry Schwartz: 3:29:09 pm
Good stuff to come
Barry Schwartz: 3:29:16 pm
stay tuned
Barry Schwartz: 3:30:11 pm
If people threaten to sue you, they won't sue you. If they want to sue you, they will sue you. (not too sure about that)
Barry Schwartz: 3:31:31 pm
Black hat people who are successful are because they are also invisibile
Barry Schwartz: 3:32:16 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:34:00 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:34:52 pm
He sneaked up to the stage to get that picture of Kiss
Barry Schwartz: 3:35:01 pm
He goes places he is not suppose to be
Barry Schwartz: 3:37:43 pm
He spoke about photography here because he was about to get a job but didnt get the job b/c he talked about black hat SEO. So now he talks about black hat photography.
Barry Schwartz: 3:38:07 pm
Steve Plunkett is now up, asking who knows what a link wheel
Barry Schwartz: 3:38:41 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:38:54 pm
Ethics & Liability
Barry Schwartz: 3:39:17 pm
JC Penney got slapped and they are still in Google
Barry Schwartz: 3:40:16 pm
Do your due diligence, with black hat, you will break Google's rules.
Barry Schwartz: 3:41:01 pm
Black hat typically means things that you do that are against the search engine guidelines via danny sullivan
Barry Schwartz: 3:41:09 pm
Bing has the same rules
Barry Schwartz: 3:42:15 pm
Black hat is hidden text, hidden pages, excessive content, automated link creation, content obfuscation, etc
Barry Schwartz: 3:42:36 pm
Link Wheel Service
Barry Schwartz: 3:42:47 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:42:57 pm
Squidoo is an example of this
Barry Schwartz: 3:44:02 pm
Blackhats try to sneak in too many balls. Whitehates can file reconsideration and come back to play again. @mattcutts
Barry Schwartz: 3:44:18 pm
He does not participate link schemes
Barry Schwartz: 3:45:09 pm
Google wants people to report. HE keeps saying report spam, report spam.
Barry Schwartz: 3:45:59 pm
Only report spam if you are perfect -- Carolyn Shelby said, you don't rat out someone for having pot in their locker, if you have pot in your locker.
Barry Schwartz: 3:46:05 pm
Carolyn Shelby is now up
Barry Schwartz: 3:46:23 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:46:40 pm
Things she will tell you may get you in jail, she is telling you to protect you so you dont do it.
Barry Schwartz: 3:47:32 pm
Nice people have bad habits, avoid confrontation, believe nice people are rewarded, they trust people and they believe life is fair.
Barry Schwartz: 3:47:42 pm
This is not good for people, business is war
Barry Schwartz: 3:48:00 pm
Being paranoia is healthy... Carolyn always assumes the worse
Barry Schwartz: 3:48:11 pm
You need back up plans and maintain a war chest.
Barry Schwartz: 3:48:47 pm
war chest is a stock pile of money that you never trust
Barry Schwartz: 3:48:51 pm
trust = touch
Barry Schwartz: 3:48:59 pm
Technological Machinations
Barry Schwartz: 3:49:51 pm
Types of Badness:
- Script kiddies, spammers looking to exploit your resources. Looking for sites that have weaknesses.
- Attacks with intent: competitors, disgruntles employees, ex-girlfriends, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 3:50:50 pm
Types of Security:
- Luck
- Obscurity
- Proximity
- Physical
- Network
- Superior Litigation
Barry Schwartz: 3:53:03 pm
Trust is the biggest liability of all
- Shred your documents
- Dont give everyone admin access
- Run background checks on employees and vendors
- Something really important, do it yourself.
- Plan for the worst anyway with disaster recovery and off site backups
Barry Schwartz: 3:54:56 pm
Firesheep - it sniffs networks and gives you passwords, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 3:55:52 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:55:52 pm
Here is a pic
Barry Schwartz: 3:56:27 pm
Facesniff is for Android
Barry Schwartz: 3:58:08 pm
How do you and your employees access your systems
Barry Schwartz: 3:58:16 pm
Where are your servers location
Barry Schwartz: 3:58:26 pm
Who does the backups and where are they kept?
Barry Schwartz: 3:58:34 pm
IF X goes down what happens to your business?
Barry Schwartz: 3:58:46 pm
Do you have contracts, insurance and business structure
Barry Schwartz: 4:01:20 pm
Legal: If you can't beat someone in the SERPs... Remove them by restoring their business.
Barry Schwartz: 4:01:50 pm
Law makes everyone equal, but justice goes to the highest bidder
Barry Schwartz: 4:03:21 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 4:04:50 pm
Most people don't have the money for lawyers...
Michael Martinez: 4:04:53 pm
"Remove them by restoring their business" ???
Barry Schwartz: 4:05:09 pm
@michael - sorry, restoring = removing (long day)
Barry Schwartz: 4:05:26 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 4:06:34 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 4:07:17 pm
FYI, last session in 15 minutes "Whats New at Bing and Blekko?" then PubCon sessions are over and I fly back tonight and do video recap on zero sleep
Steve Matthews : 4:11:21 pm
Thanks for doing this Barry. I listened in on both yours and Brian's live blogging. Well done! Steve

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