Webmasters Love Bing Webmaster Customer Service

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Bing Customer ServiceEvery now and then I see a post from a webmaster on how Bing is outstanding with customer service on the webmaster side.

We all know how Google rarely is able to give one on one support to webmasters. But Bing prides themselves on being smaller and quicker to reply on the one on one side with webmaster communication - and they do.

A WebmasterWorld thread has a recent report from one webmaster who contacted Bing via email on a webmaster related issue. Bing replied within 12 hours and fixed the issue within 4 days!

The webmaster said:

I contacted Bing webmaster support about some of my pages that were falling in the results periodically. The problem is they were attaching my home page title to some of my other url’s titles. I actually wanted to solve the problem myself but it probably would have taken 1-2 months of testing.

In less than 12 hours Bing responded. They detailed why this was occurring and suggested work-a-rounds. Regardless of that Bing should have been interpreting the titles correctly and this was not the result of the ODP. Four days later the same support specialist re-contacted me to let me know the problem had now been corrected. The pages sprung to the top. The support specialist also inquired if I had any additional problems they could help with because this was helping them she explained. This was not a form letter.

Bottom line is I found the support at Bing to be very cordial at that time.

Like I said, this is nothing new for Bing - often Webmasters are very happy with Bing support.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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