Bing Adds Batch URL Submissions To Webmaster Tools API

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Bing Batch Api

Bing announced yesterday that you can now batch submit up to 500 URLs per API request, so do 500 URLs in a single API request - instead of an API request per URL. The 10,000 URL limit per day still applies but now you can submit more URLs in a single API request, which makes things more efficient for some sites.

As you know, earlier this year, Bing began their indexing API where they started to strongly encourage webmasters and publishers to push these URLs to the Bing index, instead of relying on Bing to crawl your site. It is more efficient for Bing this way and saves resources both on Bing's end and your server's end. Bing upped the number of URLs you can submit to them daily from 10 URLs to 10,000 URLs per day with this change and launched an API to do this programmatically. But Google has not taken that approach.

In any event, now you can batch up to 500 URLs together in a single API request as opposed to doing an API request per URL. For a site like this, that produces about 5-10 new URLS per day, it doesn't matter much. But major news sites that push out thousands of URLS per day, it makes things a bit more efficient. It also helps new sites that launch and want faster indexing, as well as redesigns with new URL structures.

Bing wrote "Batch mode capability for Adaptive URL Submission API which will allow the webmasters and site managers to submit URLs in batches, saving them from those excessive API calls made when submitting the URLs individually. You will get a HTTP 200 response on successful submission of the URLs. Meanwhile the URLs will be checked to comply with Bing Webmaster Guidelines and if they pass, they will be crawled and indexed in minutes. Please refer the Documentation for generating the API key and Batch URL Submission API for more details. Do note that the maximum supported batch size in this API is 500 URLs per request. Total limit on numbers of URLs submitted per day still applies."

I've implemented here that new content gets submitted to Bing using this API, although, I do not need to use the batch mode for it.

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