Google AdSense Ad Review Center Polluted With Unrelated Ads?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has several Google AdSense publishers complaining that the Ad Review Center is polluted with ads to be reviewed that are totally off target to the web site they are wanting to be placed on.

One publisher said:

I decided to post this now that it's been four days and nothing has changed. When I check my ad reveiew center for targeted ads, I'm getting 12 or more new advertisers UNRELATED to my website (teeth whitening, spa treatments, etc.), each day. I'm spending a lot of time checking and blocking these ads from showing. Is anyone else seeing this since Nov. 1, or is it my issue?

There are several publishers posting "me too" style replies.

Personally, I don't manually approve ads, I should, but I am lazy. So I took a look at what was automatically approved by Google on my blogs and I saw an ad for the Cocaine Cowboys show or something. No idea what it is, but I doubt it is related to most of my blog posts - it may be, who knows but just found it to stand out from the crowd.

Some are even reporting that these ads lead to "non-existen domain and broken links in placement ads."

You having issues? There is a large help section for the ad review center at Google.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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