More Publishers Seeing New Google AdSense Interface

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I'll be honest, I really thought virtually all Google AdSense publishers were part of the new AdSense interface, known as V3. They have been beta testing it for over a year now and I personally have been using it for a year or so now.

A year of beta testing a beta? Yea, Google is known for keeping things in beta - but they do deliver the beta to everyone sooner than a year. Meaning, they may be known for keeping the beta label on products, but it doesn't typically shy them away from releasing the beta to more and more people. A year long beta push, to me, seems long.

In any event, there are tons of threads from Google AdSense publishers on the AdSense beta console. Like I said, I have screen shots from a year ago, and yea - they have slightly changed. Some threads are at Google Blogoscoped Forums, Google AdSense Help, and WebmasterWorld.

The main questions I have seen are what is the "coverage" metric and the "RPM" metric. A thread specifically about the coverage metric has Googler Guillaume explaining that:

This is a good question. Unfortunately the documentation is not complete yet, so here is a temporary explanation:

Coverage is the percentage of ad unit impressions or queries that showed ads:

- A coverage of 100% means that AdSense was always able to provide ads to match the content of the page (Content) or the query keywords (Search).

- A coverage of less than 100% means that AdSense was not able to find ads for some ad units or search queries, which didn't show ads as a result.

RPM is calculated by adding up the price charged to advertisers (CPM) for each ad block on the webpage, then subtracting the cost of delivering that advertising.

Forum discussion at Google Blogoscoped Forums, Google AdSense Help, and WebmasterWorld.

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