60% Of You Don't Like Google Instant

Sep 23, 2010 • 8:23 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Four days after Google Instant launched, I ran a poll asking our readers if they like Google Instant. I am not surprised to see 60% saying they don't like it. I am a bit surprised to see only about 20% saying they do like it, I was expecting over 30%.

We had a nice number of responses, just about 550 responses to the poll.

Here is the break down:

  • 59% said they DISLIKE Google Instant
  • 22% said they LIKE Google instant
  • 15% said it depends
  • 4% said other answers

Most of the other answers said they hate it or they are not sure yet.

Forum discussion linked to over here.

Note: This post was written September 21st and scheduled to go live today.

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