What Is Missing In Google Instant Search?

Sep 13, 2010 • 7:57 am | comments (3) by | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google Operating System has a nice post explaining the nine features now missing in Google since launching Google Instant.

They include:

  1. Google Suggest always on, even if you opt out of Google Instant. There is at least one complaint, but likely many more, on this missing feature. Here is another thread that will be useful on this.
  2. Specifying the number of search results is gone, as I alluded to two days before Google Instant. But there is a thread on when you disable instant, you can specify the number of the results.
  3. Web history no longer in suggestions, there were complaints last week on this, just can't find them.
  4. Google Suggest no longer shows 10 suggestions
  5. Google dropped the fade in home page, most people disliked it anyway
  6. "Search within results" is no longer available, some complaints on this topic as well.
  7. No search box at the bottom of the search results
  8. Google Wonder Wheel is gone, we got complaints on that also
  9. Google virtual keyboard now gone.
  10. I'm feeling lucky button removed, now replaced by hyperlink in drop down. Google has a thread on that over here.

As Google Operating System said, most if not all of these features are still on Google SSL Search.

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