Bing Forums Top Contributor Quits Over Frustration

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Every forum lives and dies based on their members and how active and helpful they are. That is why it is critical for forums to make sure their top members (the most giving members) are heard and listened to.

Recently, a Bing Forum thread has one of the top contributing members publicly expressing his dissatisfaction with the forum, ultimately leading in him announcing he is done with helping out in the forums. Let me quote his message:

this forum is just deliberately trying to annoy me - I just spent over half an hour writing a response to a thread, and when I attempted to post it, guess what? Yes, I get the BLOODY ANNOYING MODERATION MESSAGE!!!!!!!

Meaning that my post wasn't published and my time was completely wasted.

And it's not as though it's the first time... this has been going on for AGES!!!

I've tried to patiently wait for the numerous issues with this forum to be fixed; I'm not waiting any longer - I am wasted hours of my time if I try to help people here and my posts don't get published.

I will be posting in Google's forums from now on

Goodbye Bing

Brett Yount the Program Manager of Bing Webmaster Center emailed this member offline, which is likely his best move. But the damage has been done. I know many moderators who leave forums, most over getting too busy with work but some over frustrations similar to this.

Bing Forum Frustration

Forum discussion at Bing Forums.

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