Google's Matt Cutts Says He Doesn't Come To WebmasterWorld Due To No URL Policy

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If you haven't heard the news, WebmasterWorld is having Feedback Day where over the course of 3 to 4 days they are seeking feedback from their users. In just a day or so, there are already 841 posts in the forum, so not too bad!

What I found interesting is that Google's Matt Cutts came in to offer his two cents, as he describes it. In short, Matt explained that he doesn't come that often to WebmasterWorld due to their "no urls can be posted" policy. Matt said:

I know I don't make it to WebmasterWorld as often these days because of the "no urls can be posted" issue. Trying to discuss ranking without being able to list/post/see specific urls makes it really hard to tell for sure what people are talking about, and increases the risk of misunderstandings. It seems like it cuts down on the ability for everyone else to assess what someone's saying.

Just my quick $0.02.

Now, every public facing webmaster and SEO forum wants official representatives from Google to participate. But WebmasterWorld is well known for their no URL policy. At the same time, Googlers always want to see specifics of what they are dealing with, so they can analyze the issue with greater clarity. On the other hand, forums are known to have been killed by spammers due to them allowing links.

Personally, I am sure there can be some type of middle ground here. The question is, is WebmasterWorld willing to relax this rule for some cases in order to bring back Googlers to their SEO forum?

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