Promoted Tweets, The Next Google AdWords?

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Twitter announced promoted tweets about a month ago and back then, we asked our readers if they think they will be a success or not. Personally, I am unsure. On one hand, I can see how they can make a nice amount of money, but I really don't think they can ever bring in the revenue an AdWords machine brings in today. Twitter is just not essential as web search and I can't see it ever being.

We ran this poll and it only received about 60 votes. Almost 50% of those who responded said "Yes, They Will Be Twitter's AdWords." About 30% said "No, They Will Fail To Be a Success." 16% said they were unsure. The rest gave no answers but in the "other" category.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

I am still unsure if this alone will keep Twitter alive or if it will ultimately lead to Twitter's death. Don't get me wrong, I love Twitter.

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

This was scheduled to be posted today. I am offline today and scheduled several polls for the days I am offline. I am back Friday, May 21st.

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