Daily Search Forum Recap: January 15, 2010

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google AdWords Display URLs for Hosted Domains Must Include Sub Domains
    A new, and logical, Google AdWords display URL policy was announced this week. In summary, if you are on a public, hosted domain, you must show the subdomain that you are using in your display URL. For example: Incorrect: Destination URL: http://adwords.blogspot.com Display URL: blogspot.com Correct: Destination URL: http://adwords.blogspot.com Display URL: adwords.blogspot.com Incorrect: Destination URL: http://subdomain.wordpress.com Display URL: wordpress.com Correct: Destination URL: http://subdomain.wordpress.com Display URL: subdomain.wordpress.com There is discussion, not much discussion, but some, at
  • The Google Search Screw: Google Knows Best
    Imagine you have been in business, operating on the web for years now. Your name is unique and it ranks number one in the Google results, since it is unique. But then imagine a new site pops up that is similar to your name. Then soon after, Google decided that your name is really not what people want, instead, they want the other name. In other words, they type in your business name and Google
  • Google Transfers AdWords Account from Consultant to Client in Dispute
    You are an Google AdWords professional that sets up campaigns and manages those search ad campaigns for your clients. This is a pretty big business these days. But what if your client doesn't pay you for your work? You stop maintaining his account, right? Yea, I know, you spent all that time setting up the campaigns, doing all the keyword research, testing various ad types and such. You spent countless hours, never to be repaid.
  • Google Now Shows Haiti Relief Message on Home Page Before Fade
    Everyone knows about the horrible events that happened in Haiti this week. The world has come together to help out, and that includes Google. A few days ago, Google placed a link on their home page, giving people information on how they can help out. The link said, "Information, resources, and ways you can help survivors of the Haiti earthquake." If clicked on, it took them google.com/relief/haitiearthquake/ with more information on how to help out.
  • Should Search Engines Be Immune to Copyright Infringement?
    A new bill in the UK Parliament named the Digital Economy Bill [HL] 2009-10 is proposing to give search engines, such as Google, a form of immunity against being sued over copyright infringement. It is a bit more complex than that but overall, if you want your content out of the search engines, block them - otherwise, you can't sue them over copyright law. A Sphinn thread is pretty heated over the topic. Primarily between

Other Great Search Forum Threads:

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