Fake Yahoo Employee, Not Fake: Side Money?


Last week, we reported that a fake Yahoo employee might be picking up unsuspecting SEM clients. Well, I was wrong, at least about the forum person being a fake employee of Yahoo, he is.

The issue is, Yahoo first told me this does not appear to be a Yahoo employee. After I fed the email address and IP info to Yahoo, they confirmed this person was a Yahoo employee. Why is there any issue? Well, it appears that this person did not have Yahoo's approval to be posting such things in the forum.

There is currently a Yahoo representative in the forum who is backed by Yahoo's PR team. Maybe this new Yahoo employee had good intentions, but it is always dangerous for these reps to venture out by themselves in such territory.

I am not sure if this Yahoo rep was doing this out of good intentions or to make some side cash. Yahoo has not given me that level of detail. In fact, I have asked Yahoo if there will be any action taken against this employee. I am waiting to hear back on that question.

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