Offensive Google AdSense Ads Showing Up On Publisher Sites

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A WebmasterWorld forum member who runs Google AdSense on his travel site was a bit appalled when he saw that the ads being run are of nude Asian women. He has no idea how those ads got there and is extremely disgusted that the ad was placed on his site which now makes him guilty by association.

In fact, it's causing this publisher to consider removing Google AdSense from his site altogether. The ad borders on illegality, he suspects.

It's not the first time. Another person who ran Google AdSense on a children's website discovered adult and teen gay chatroom ads on their site. When the parents complained to the publisher, the publisher claimed that it was Google's responsibility. At the end of the day, though, the parents said they'd stop visiting the website -- and that ultimately means that the publisher is really at fault. What did this publisher do? Let's put it this way: they're not using Google AdSense anymore.

The specific ads for the Asian women are likely to be just some overseas bridal program (you know, like Russian Brides). Still, the targeting is offensive and this is something Google should consider filtering further. Again, by association, the publisher gets held responsible and Google is bound to lose revenue when the publisher pulls out of the AdSense program.

AdSenseAdvisor is on the ball and is looking into it.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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