Numerous Google AdWords Editor Issues Reported, Fixed

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There are a few unhappy campers who are a bit disappointed with some of issues that relate to Google AdWords and its tool. In a Google Groups thread, a user discovers that he can't actually "Accept" the terms of using the program on a Mac -- it's grayed out. Unfortunately for him, he had to uninstall and reinstall 3 times and he found out that it was actually an application bug. Google has since released a patch.

Meanwhile, over at WebmasterWorld, similar frustrations were discussed. One forum member hates that 6.5.0 runs 50% slower than previous versions, which is something we reported two weeks ago as well (though this is the same discussion). However, not much has changed in the past two weeks, hence the reason for bringing this thread up again. Forum members have even attempted to roll back to a previous version without success.

After several days of discussing and ranting, however, AdWordsAdvisor has announced a fix -- version 6.5.1. This new version fixes the Keyword Opportunities tool (which was reported to have been broken on 6.5.0), fixes the Terms of Service (thank you, Google Groups member), and addresses other issues. The speed concern, however, is not mentioned by AdWordsAdvisor, but forum members report that there's no issue anymore.

One forum member seems to still be reporting issues, though, and nobody seems to know what the problem is. The problem is that he is getting an error saying: "The procedure entry point sqlite3_prepare_v2 could not be located in the dynamic link library sqlite3.dll". Even an uninstall, reboot, and registry clean isn't isolating the issue for him. Can Google help?

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups and WebmasterWorld.

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