Google Scholar Citations Cannot Be Removed

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Google Scholar has citations for many the results it provides. Those citations are hyperlinked under the search result, and list out sources across the web the cite the resource.

A Google Groups thread asked how he can get his site removed as a link from a Google Scholar citation. This particular webmaster removed the page but the citation is still listed in Google Scholar.

Googler, Susan Moskwa explained that citations cannot be removed. Why? Susan explains:

In Google Scholar, a citation is generated basically whenever we learn that a particular item (book, article, etc.) exists. As soon as we learn that "Book A" exists--and we may learn of it because we find a link to it, because some other work cites it, or through some other means--we generate a citation for it. The citation doesn't necessarily link to Book A, or provide anything more than a title and author name (although it may); it just indicates that Book A exists, or existed, somewhere in the world. It also doesn't necessarily link to works that reference Book A, or provide any web results, because just because we know a work exists doesn't mean we have any references or web results for it.

This is why you see some citations in Google Scholar that are not hyperlinked.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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