FeedBurner Subscriber Stats Having Major Issues

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Several Google Groups threads have been created in the last two weeks from disgruntled members who are running into issues with Feedburner In particular, their subscriber numbers are plummeting, which often occurs when Feedburner stops recording a service (and which Feedburners are somewhat used to at this time). But lately, forum members are also complaining about their subscriber numbers dropping completely -- to zero.

Feedburner has stayed mum about any acknowledgment of the problem, but there are over 7 threads that relate to this issue, which puts the Feedburner problems in "serious issue" zone. Of course, the reduced number reporting doesn't impact everyone, but for those who are affected, it's indeed a hassle.

This seems to have happened for the past two weeks after the Feedburner Ad Network has shut down, though there are suspicions that this could have been happening for a lot longer than that. In any event, the reports gathered come from around the same time that the Feedburner Ad Network shut down. It's possible that the issues are related, but no one is absolutely certain.

The following Google Groups threads discuss the problems:

  1. Has feedburner ever worked correctly?
  2. Site visitor 0
  3. my visitor stat counts stopped - AGAIN - mid-day, 8/19
  4. subscribers have dropped to 0 for nearly a week
  5. Subscriptions down to 0
  6. Huge sudden drop in Subscriber count overnight !!
  7. Zero Subscribers Again

People are disappointed with Feedburner as seen on Twitter as well.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

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