More Inappropriate Images Popping Up in Google Web Search

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Conduct a search for educating in Google and you will see an image of a teacher standing over a student holding a small rod, with the student's pants down leaning over a desk. This is not what one would expect to be seen for a search on educating. At least, I would not want to see this for a search like that and I would not want your kids to see it.

Educating in Google, Comeon! Clearly I find this image 'clean' enough to post here in small format

Now this is far from the first time Google placed images that might not be appropriate on the ordinary Google web search results. This is by far not even close to the most inappropriate image I have seen come up. But Google added a report images feature, so I decided to test it out.

When I first spotted this image for this search result, via DigitalPoint Forums, I immediately used the "report image" feature. That was just about three days ago. So when I decided to check the status of this report, I was a bit upset to see the image still there. I was hoping it would be gone after reporting it 3 days ago!

This is the only reason I am blogging it, to document it can take more than 3 days for an image to be pulled. I assume if Google received hundreds of reports then they would act faster. I wonder what that threshold is?

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