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My New VideoCastOver the past several weeks, I have been experimenting with producing weekly video recaps. You can view those recaps in the Search Buzz Roundup category.

The main issue was that many folks were not able to sit and watch the 10 minute or less video while at their computers. They asked if I can make a podcast version that they can download and listen/watch later on their computers, iPod or iPhone. So after a week or so of work, I have finalized that set up.

Today, I published a new RSS feed exclusively for the video recaps. You can find that feed over here. Now, if you are an iTunes user, you can subscribe with the single click of a button by clicking here.

Keep in mind, these are videos and can take a long time to download. So let it go in the background - I will look to compressing the videos even more. Of course, I will keep the YouTube version going as well, so if you like YouTube, stick with that and subscribe to the standard feed but if you use iTunes/iPod or an iPhone, the iTunes subscribe link is probably best. I have archived these details at the subscribe page.

FYI - I promise to keep trying to improve these videos as I go. And you can win prizes by watching!

So please subscribe and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

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