YouTube Insights: Stats on my Most Popular YouTube Video


YouTube and Google both announced YouTube Insights, a new way to see more detailed statistics on your YouTube videos. I did a detailed post at Search Engine Land on the topic. If you have YouTube videos, you can see the stats by going to the my videos link and clicking on "about this video" button. Here is a screen shot of the button:

YouTube Stats on My Popular Video

Now, my most popular video by far is the iPhone Popcorn Trick where I wrote that my iPhone can make popcorn. Here is that video:

Here is the YouTube Insights stats overview for this video:

YouTube Stats on My Popular Video

Let's zoom in on the chart on the left and expand it to a year to see views for the past year:

YouTube Stats on My Popular Video

Here is the video popularity compared to other videos across the year time span:

YouTube Stats on My Popular Video

Views plotted on the world map:

YouTube Stats on My Popular Video

Here are pictures (slide show format) of the views by continent:

Why is it so popular? Well, YouTube Insights currently doesn't show referral data but I have a feeling that is coming. I know why this video is so popular. Due to universal search and the video ranking number on in Google for searches similar to iphone popcorn.

Love the stats we have so far and looking forward to referral data YouTube!

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