What's Your Favorite Part of SEO?

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Do you love SEO? What's your favorite part? Forum members discuss what interests them on a WebProWorld thread. How about you?

One member loves the thrill of the constant challenge of following industry trends. SEO is great for writers, and she is one, so this field makes her very enthusiastic.

Many people love the writing element of SEO. And some, like me, are computer geeks. :)

The task is never really monotonous. The industry is always changing and you always have to stay on top of it. This is another interesting element for some SEOs.

Others like knowing they can make a difference for the small or big business. SEO is a big part of that too.

What about that great ranking? Some people love showing their customers that they can rank them on the first page of the SERPs -- and then delivering.

Some SEOs are competitive. They love being in that ever-moving competition.

This thread goes on forever, but you can feel free to provide your own $0.02 on why you love SEO. Forum discussion continues at WebProWorld.

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