Yahoo Responds to Criticism Over Lack of Partner Screening


Last week we reported on a thread that accused Yahoo Search Marketing's Block Domain Feature Encouraging Laziness at Yahoo. In short, Yahoo released the domain blocking feature to enable advertisers to block specific publishers from showing their ads. The allegations are that since Yahoo released this feature, they have been more lax about weeding out bad publishers, since the advertiser can do it themselves. Yea, you can never win.

In any event, YahooPete, an official Yahoo representative replied in the thread saying:

I want to let you know that Yahoo! is committed to delivering valuable traffic to our advertisers through our partner distribution network. In fact, in addition to the new Blocked Domains feature, advertisers can receive discounts on traffic from our partners’ domains, based on our assessment of the quality of that traffic.

Just a reminder for blocking domains and sub domains, entering would block everything using the domain. This means your ads would not appear on pages under such domains as , , , , or . You should use the format in this example (without "www." or any sub-domain) if you want to block the entire web site.

So if you do not block someone, Yahoo will give advertisers discounts on traffic from low quality publishers.

Advertisers are still not happy, they want to know how Yahoo will "address MSI's issue of low-quality sites using multiple TLDs, e.g.,,, etc. How is Yahoo combating this?"

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