Search Marketing to Social Media Marketing: Why No New Ideas?

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Picture this. You're a search engine marketer from the dawn age of web site promotion. You go to a cave and meditate on what the heck Google is up to next for a few years. Return to this reality and do a bit of research to catch up on your old industry. Your heart races with joy when you discover this new-fangled thing called "social media". (As one might, having been stuck in a cave, ok?)

It looks strikingly similar to web sites from the early days, with the same type of ads mentality, placement and channels for lead development. You wonder. Just exactly who was it that was living inside the cave all those years?

Two lively forum pro's, "Glyn" and "iamlost", tackle the lack of marketing creativity and progress online in a Cre8asiteforums thread called Quite Frankly I'm Staggered...Advertising on the web hasn't moved on at all. They bounce around some ideas and play around with the topic.

From Glyn:

"Here's another thing at the end of the day I question whether or not a person will get spooked if advertising is so targeted that the user is clicking on every add. Thought police of 1984?

When does targeted advertising become spooky?"

This one could be juicy. (Note: Please forgive the dancing bananas.)

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