Yahoo! Search Marketing Launches New August 2007 Features


YahooPete writes in on Search Engine Watch Forums, DigitalPoint Forums, and WebmasterWorld about new features that the YSM team has rolled out.

Enhancements to the process for creating an ad
Low quality index alert – Advertisers will be alerted if their quality index drops below a certain level.
Ad generator – Add titles and short sentences to the ad generator which will automatically combine various permutations of those titles and short sentences to form a set of candidate ads
Campaign optimization – Optimize your campaigns according to your specified goals

The biggest response is on DigitalPoint Forums, where forum members aren't happy that the minimum deposit is $30 (but they're happy that PayPal is now an accepted form of payment). And now impressions can be sorted by descending order.

I nearly had to replace my undershorts today when I hit sort by impressions, and it sorted in DESCENDING ORDER! Thank you! This has been something that annoyed me since the day I began using the most recent version.

The other observation is that the AJAX script is just a bit slow and members are requesting an offline editor.

I can see that YSM is making good advancements in the system efficiency department, but the ajax code in use seems incredibly slow, even on fast computers for the javascript end of things... any chance of an offline editor in the future?

I think that would be hot.

The YSM blog also has in-depth information about these enhancements.

Looking good, YSM team!

Forum discussion continues at Search Engine Watch Forums, DigitalPoint Forums, and WebmasterWorld.

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