Google Does Not Index Private Facebook Profiles

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facebook.pngA Cre8asite Forums thread asks why is this person's private Facebook profile listed in the Google index?

In this case, Google really did not fully index this person's profile. They just crawled a link to this person's Facebook profile, but could not access the private profile and index the content on that page.

This is something everyone needs to keep in mind. You can disallow search engines from accessing your content, but if some public page is linking to that content, Google can pick up on that link. So if you want zero traces of a URL being available, you need to ensure that there are no public ways to get to that URL.

This is exactly that case. The person linked to his or her profile from a blog and Google indexed the link. Google probably tried to index the content, but was denied. How do I know? Simply because the search result contains only a lowercase title and URL. There is no full title, no description and no cache link. All signs of Google having problems indexing the content on a page.

Note, there are public Facebook profiles available. Here are some examples of public Facebook profiles.

If you want to friend me, I have a Facebook profile over here. To be honest, I rarely use it, but feel free to "friend me."

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