Can You SEO a Site in Less than 60 Minutes?

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Matt McGee wrote a great post over at Small Business SEM entitled "How to SEO Your Site in Less than 60 Minutes." He makes it clear in his blog post that it's more for identifying problems rather than fixing them, since that takes a lot longer.

The post made its way to the front page of Sphinn and there's been a lot of discussion surrounding the use of his headline which can be misleading:

The reason ... that I don't like the headline is because it suggests that it is possible to do SEO in 60 minutes. Everyone here knows 60 minutes doesn't provide enough time to perform actual SEO work.

Yes, that's true, but the post itself goes into more detail that you can't do SEO in 60 minutes, as Matt mentions.

And yes, the headline is intentionally eye-catching and meant to make you say "You can't SEO a site in 60 minutes." So, I'll take that as a small victory. :-)

But why do I like this post? It goes into a lot of great tips about SEO in general - problems with redirection, review of text link navigation, home page content review, source code problems, robots.txt analysis, sitemap analysis, and other important aspects that really help users get a greater understanding of how to analyze their sites.

I recommend that you check out Matt's story and the discussion that continues at Sphinn.

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