Does Googlebot Index Faster When Integrating Google Custom Search?

Jul 16, 2007 • 9:08 am | comments (2) by | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Is there any mileage to the claim that it is possible to get your site spidered faster if you integrate the Google Custom Search Engine into your website? This is the question a new webmaster is asking on the High Rankings Forums.

It has no bearing or effect on the spider, according to moderator Randy. In fact, he recommends that you integrate your own search facility to better data mine the search data and provide more optimized results.

For my money, I'd rather have my own site search facility. Not only because I can tweak it to target some pages showing up higher in the results, but because when it's a my own search facility running from my own databse I can then mine the searches being conducted by real people to better optimize my site. IMO too many people take the easy way out and completely ignore this amazingly helpful and free data resource that should tell you exactly what people are looking for and give you tons of 100% free feedback.

Moderator Torka adds that it should provide the best user experience and that it doesn't matter what kind of search solution is offered given that the spider is not impacted by the integration of the Google Custom Search.

So what I'm saying is, Google will naturally index your pages as you go about the normal course of marketing and promoting your website.

Forum discussion continues at High Rankings Forums.

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