Digg Digest - 07/11/07: Free Slurpees, Google and Yahoo Are Going Social & eBay Search Optimization Tips

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digg-digest-icon.jpgToday is July 11, otherwise known as 7-11, and they're giving out free slurpees in the states, so grab them while you can.

What's been up in Digg? First, I posted a nice and hopefully really informative article on 29 Tools Built on the Digg API week-digg-man.gif. It took me about a month to collect that data and do the research, but it was worth it. If you like leveraging your social media efforts, these are definitely helpful.

Google has done a great job acquiring a ton of companies between 2001 and 2007week-digg-man.gif. By the end of the year, it's guesstimated that they'll have acquired another 11 companies up to 22 for the year. Do you agree?

Nofollow sucks week-digg-man.gif. Why? As the WebProNews Blog article says, it implies that despite the effort someone has put into commenting on a blog, they still might be a spammer. Right.

‘You left a comment. I would love to acknowledge your existence, but you might be a spammer. Since you might be a spammer, I better not link to you. Google doesn’t like spammers and… you know, you’re either with Google or you’re against them. So, I can’t really, you know, risk it.’

I hear that. It's true. But typical blogs don't always use Akismet or any other sort of spam defense, so I see why it's needed.

Who is the Animal House of searchweek-digg-man.gif? And can you find Jeeves?

Social search? Sure, Google week-digg-man.gif and Yahoo week-digg-man.gif are doing it. The goal is to "rethink and reinvent online social networking." With Facebook's emerging popularity and crazy growth this past few monthsweek-digg-man.gif, that's a tough act to follow, but by all means, go for it.

Got an eBay store? Want to optimize it and get more traffic and sales? Here are some eBay Store Search Optimization Tipsweek-digg-man.gif that should get you on your way. It really is good stuff.

On another note, Danny Sullivan's son doesn't know what Internet Explorer is week-digg-man.gif. He says his kids also associate Google with "finding things on the web." Is this a sign of the future? I remember someone saying that Ask.com implies the same thing, so maybe not.

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