Digg Digest - 06/27/07: SEO.com Purchased for $5 million, Google Docs & Spreadsheets Features, & ThreadWatch Closing

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digg-digest-icon.jpgThe world is still spinning, and people are still digging. There have been happy reports on Digg and sad reports on Digg. Little known facts are now more widespread, and rumors are circulating. Such is life.

A few weeks ago, the new version of Google Analytics left beta week-digg-man.gif. With this came some new features, especially the highly desired hourly reporting. I'm glad about that.

SEO.com is rumored to have sold for $5 million week-digg-man.gif which is a pretty substantial amount of money. Personally, while the three-letter domain is helpful, I know where the best SEO sites are already, so I don't know if it will do much for me. The cost, however, is not surprising, though it really is a rumor at this point as indicated by the update by Mike Mann himself in the comments of that blog announcement.

With Google Docs and Spreadsheets getting better and better each day, you should be aware that there are some lesser known features within Google Docs and spreadsheet. Here are 5 things you may not knowweek-digg-man.gif: there's live lookup via Google Finance, you can perform Google searches within a spreadsheet, there are color-coded live comments, Google Docs supports revisioning, and documents are backed up in multiple places at once to avoid possible loss of data.

Dave Naylor reported that YouTube is giving FTP information away week-digg-man.gif. This was discovered after we realized that Google Video is exposing usernames and passwords and is doing so on an unsecure (HTTP) protocol. Pretty scary stuff for those concerned about privacy.

Business owners, rejoice! You can now verify your business on Google Maps week-digg-man.gif. Life for you has just gotten much easier.

Just a few days ago, we heard that Google has purchased GrandCentral week-digg-man.gif, a phone service that allows people with multiple phone lines to combine them into one line.

Earlier this week, Aaron Wall announced that Threadwatch is closing week-digg-man.gif. There's been an overwhelming response to the closure, and many people hope Aaron will reconsider. He hasn't responded to them yet. Best of luck, Aaron.

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