What is the Most Important Element in Your Google AdWords Campaign?

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An interesting poll is in its infancy at DigitalPoint Forums but a trend is already emerging. The poll asks: what are the most important elements of your AdWords campaign? So far, Keyword Research and Landing Pages.

The discussion brings forth some good points:

You can have the best quality score in the world, a million targeted keywords and the best product on the market but if your landing page does not convey trust, authority and relevance, your visitors leave.

My vote is for Landing Page.

GuyFromChicago follows this thread in his personal blog and agrees.

Someone disagrees with that, however:

On the other hand, get your title wrong, or your advert text, and you can immediately halve your clickthrough rate and Quality Score - this leads to your sweet spot being much lower, and can halve (at least) the amount of traffic that you get. So your conversion rate needs to be a lot higher to offset that.

Organization of a campaign is also a focus of some campaigns:

I don't know whether it's the most important, but I think the most under-rated element is the campaign architecture (a fancy way of saying the way your ads/keywords/groups are organised).

Well organised = easy to track & measure, allows you to relate ads more closely to their keywords, allows you to separate content vs search clicks quickly Badly organised = shoot & hope!

If you have the time, vote in the poll; it would be nice to see what factors are most important to you.

Forum discussion and poll at DigitalPoint Forums.

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