Determining the Success of a Pay Per Click Campaign

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Advertisers should know the importance of maximizing their presence online with the least amount of cost, but to do that, they need to effectively measure the success of their campaign. How long does that take? A Cre8asite Forums thread brings up this question.

Once a PPC campaign is launched for a brand new website, is there a certain amount of time to wait before drawing conclusions about the PPC ad, the effectiveness of the landing page, the quality of the website, and the desireability of the products?

It pretty much depends on the impressions and clicks that your ad has generated:

I wouldn't measure it in time but number of impressions and number of clicks. Both need to be sufficiently high to give you a statistically sound sample.

Administrator EGOL has golden words of wisdom that I've heard time and time again. Because there are so many factors in the market, you need to consistently be on top of your ad campaign. "Success" may only be fleeting.

So, PPC is not a set it and forget it venture.

Ammon Johns has another nugget of wisdom based on decisions made by prospective buyers:

So the length of time to evaluate your conversions will vary on the natural "consideration period" for the product or service on offer.

Additionally, there's a Cre8asite Forums post that points to the Google Website Optimizer tool that is available for advertisers as well.

Some additional insights and advice is shared in the Cre8asite Forums discussion.

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