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As more and more people understand the importance of Google AdWords, more and more people want to get involved in maximizing their profits when advertising on Google. A Search Engine Watch Forums post asks where to find some of these great tutorials.

Suggestions include Andrew Goodman's book on "Winning Results with Google AdWords" which I just so happen to have sitting on the desk next to me as I type this blog post. It's definitely a good read.

AdWordsRep writes in with Google's official resources:

I would probably be remiss if I didn't at least mention these two resources:

* The searchable AdWords Help Center:

* AdWords Learning Center - catalog of text and multimedia lessons:

In my opinion these resources have at least three things to recommend them:

1) They are free.

2) They are created by the same folks who created AdWords - making them quite accurate.

3) The are updated very quickly as the product evolves, which it does on an ongoing basis - making them up-to-date.

AussieWebmaster agrees with the suggestions and says that they both will help you become a qualified AdWords professional:

Funny they were the two resources I was going to recommend... Andrew's book will give you some strategy ideas.... the AdWord Learning center will show you how to work adwords.... by the time you finish both you should be able to get a solid score on the AdWords Professional test!!!

Brad Geddes, who does AdWords Seminars, is also a recommended source.

I'd love to know if there are any other suggestions in the AdWords arena. Does anyone have any additional resources they'd like to share?

Discussion continues at Search Engine Watch forums.

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