Will Similar Google AdWords Campaigns Affect Display of Ads?

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A Search Engine Watch Forums member asks if there is any effect of two similar campaigns placed in a single Google AdWords account. The user asks:

I have heard that if I place two similar campaigns, for example, Spa Company A and Spa Company B in the same account, when I search on Google using a shared keyword such as "spa", I will only find either Spa A or Spa B. Both ads will not display concurrently.

Is this true and what is your take on this?

Another user says that it is true and shares his workaround:

We've seen this behavior with some campaigns on Google. We moved the second campaign to another account and they started showing up as they should.

Google's AdWordsRep confirms this as well but urges users to consult with AdWords support before applying the workaround, as it may inadvertently violate Google's Terms of Service:

Yes, this is true - and very much by design. The intent is to level the playing field so that one advertiser does not dominate the results.

Just a quick word of caution. It depends on the exact details of course, but opening two accounts in order to show two ads for the same keyword may well be counter to the Terms and Conditions - to which each advertiser agrees when they begin advertising with AdWords.

So, my advice to anyone contemplating this (and who wants to remain in line with the Terms of advertising on AdWords) would be to consult first with AdWords support - letting them know the exact details of the situation that you feel requires running more than one ad at a time on the same keyword.

Another user reiterates the AdWordsRep's statements and explains the sentiment behind this rule:

The issue that comes into play is double serving. In order to adhere to AdWords guidelines, you need to make sure that the companies are different, and employ a different domain. If not, AdWords will choose to run one over another each day, depending on the performance of one effort versus the other. Affiliate marketers have known this for years.

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