Domain vs. Account Google AdSense Bans

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks if Google just bans an AdSense Account or do they also ban domains that AdSense can be displayed on?

I am very certain that Google does ban Google AdSense accounts completely. An AdSense publisher can have four different web sites, but the ads are pulled from a single AdSense account. If that AdSense account has been banned the ads will not show up on any of the sites this publisher controls.

The thread also adds that Google does ban domains and sites that AdSense cannot be displayed on. So if I have a domain that Google has banned, the ads won't show on that domain, but they can appear on other domains.

Even more so, Google can and does ban ads from showing on specific URLs. For example, if you are accused of a DMCA copyright violation, Google will not show the ad on that specific Page/URL accused of the DMCS violation until the necessary steps are taken.

There are such things as Google AdSense Account Bans, Google AdSense Domain Bans, and Google AdSense URL Bans.

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