Should New Sites Be Wary of Directories With 302 Redirects?

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Update From Matt Cutts of Google:

It's definitely not related to the 302 on though.

See Matts full explanation below.

A Search Engine Watch Forums thread has a thread about a site that appears to be hijacked within the Google results. First let me show you what I mean by being hijacked within the Google results.

A search on the site url,, returns nothing from the site itself, but does return the directory

Google Hijack

This is what a hijack may look like. Where you search for your domain, but someone else takes over the result.

Moderator, Ian Mcanerin, explains:

Hotfrog appears to link to websites using a redirection script issuing a 302 redirect. For new/low ranking sites, this can result in what is called a "hijack".

This can happen because a 302 actually tells a search engine that the original site is HotFrog and that it has been temporarily moved to your URL. Accordingly, the search engine shows the "original" if it has enough link juice.

This won't happen once you have enough links to outrank the page that it's on, but right now, it can be a real issue. It's one of the very few times when someone else can harm your site.

So he warns new site owners to "NEVER submit to a directory that uses 302 redirects for click tracking."

More on 302 Hijacks: - Hijacking Google Results with 302 Redirects - Bait & Switch - Google Tackles the 302 Redirect Issue - Google Not Handling Redirects Correctly? - Removing a 302 Hijacked Page from the Google Index - and others, but some of these issues have been resolved.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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