How To Get A Job At Google?

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks for tips in his job interview at Google. But how does one actually get a job at Google? Honestly, I never worked at Google, so I don't know, but how would I go about getting a job at Google?

Applying for a Job at Google:

  • First look for job openings in the location that suits me best. For me, that would be the New York location.
  • Then I would look for my area of expertise. Hmm, I know how facilities work and I am a safe guy, so maybe the Security and Safety Manager.
  • I would then read the requirements of the job and make sure I fit them to a dime. If I don't, which I don't here (I don't have "8 years experience with physical security, workplace safety, investigations and executive protection"), then I would keep looking.
  • After I find the job that fits me best, I would apply.

If you are lucky enough, then you get a job interview. I suspect typically via the phone first.

The Google Phone Interviews:

  • Do a ton of research on those who already work at Google, specially in that department.
  • Know who is interviewing you and know the recent topics of discussion that he or she may have dealt with recently.
  • Know the job and how to answer questions about it.
  • Read about Google's company culture and be gun-ho about it.

After that, if you are lucky, you probably will get other phone interviews, again, stay on top of the ball. I assume if you are good enough, you may get an in person interview.

The Google In-Person Interview:

  • Everything above applies
  • Be natural and yourself, don't try to be something your not - it will look bad
  • I think you would most likely dress casual, but it depends on the job you are going after.
  • Be curious, ask a bunch of questions - it will show you are into Google.
  • Of course, don't smell bad, look clean, and the generic stuff there.
  • Read about past in-person interviews.

There are plenty of blog entries and articles out on the web about past job interviews at Google. You can learn a lot from them. I am sure I missed a ton of items, but I never applied for a job at Google - so I wouldn't know.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Postscript: Wired has a blog post explaining How to Dress for Your Google Interview, which may be helpful for those reason this article.

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