Who Wants to Work at Google?

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Google is hiring. What does it take to work for Google? Apparently, the rumored requirement for "Straight A's and Double 800 SAT's" is no longer the only thing, and Google is looking for more than just brains.

Two recent forum threads discuss working for Google from a different angle, each quoting a recent article in the New York Times about Google hiring practices. Cre8asite Forum Moderator "swainzi" introduces the subject by asking "What It Takes To Work At Google." In that thread, always insightful Bill Slawski (bragadocchio) discusses a recent Google presentation and links to an excellent video series from 2002 about Google Corporate culture. Swainzi returns with another link: to a Google recruitment video hosted at YouTube.

WebmasterWorld takes a slightly different angle on the article, suggesting that, because each applicant is required to complete a long survey, Google hires people based on an algorithm. The thread, titled, Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm leads so far to only one response, but it isn't what one might think. Senior member jtara suggests based on one quote from the article and his own conversations with Google employees that

the biggest challenge Google faces is growing cynicism within a workforce that is by and large over-qualified for their jobs and constrained by a surprisingly top-down structure.

It will be interesting to see if Google comments directly in either of these threads. Recently, Matt Cutts discussed and revisited working for Google and some of his feelings about the corporate culture.

Join in the discussions at Cre8asite Forums and WebMasterWorld Forums.

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