How To Request an Invite to the New Yahoo! Panama Search Marketing?


So emails went out to everyone last night about information about the new Panama. As many of you know, I have a wealth of information on Panama here from yesterday. I personally have an account where I can use the new interface. In fact, I with 6 others, were the first ever external Yahoo! folks to be set up and play directly with the new interface (at least that is what they tell us).

Ok, what about "me"? You too can request an invite to the new interface, aka Panama.

Much of what you need to know before you upgrade can be found at

If you don't care about reading about the migration process before requesting your invite, then just request an upgrade there and hopefully you will be one of the select few to be migrated over in the next week or so.

Forum discussion on Panama's release at Search Engine Watch Forums, WebmasterWorld & DigitalPoint Forums.

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