The Do's and Don'ts of Blogging: Cre8asite Style

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What steps should one take to cultivate a popular blog? For some, simply being who you are is enough (although he does a great job and would get traffic even if he wasn't working for Big G), and others have the fortune of being able to gain respect by providing introduction and some analysis of popular topics related to a specific industry. Yet with the thousands of blogs added to the Internet every week, there have to be some best practices to help the not-so-privileged grow their blog into something buzz worthy.

A recent thread at Cre8asite Forums introduces some excellent pointers to those thinking about starting a blog. Titled: Do's and Do NOTs of Blogging member SEOIgloo asks others for "Your 2 Cents." Senior member Joe Dolson lists some very valuables Do's and Don'ts, and then Kim Krause reminds everyone not to forget about Usability. She provides an excellent hint:

A page in blogs that's commonly overlooked is the About Me page. It's often the most obvious difference between a true blog, and a spam blog.

Find the thread at Cre8asite Forums, and forward it along to any blogger-wannabees out there.

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